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Local Book Clubs at Midtown Reader

At Midtown Reader, we love book clubs! And we are eager to host local clubs when we can.  Please follow the steps below to reserve a night at Midtown Reader for your book club.


  1. Two Thursdays a month will be held for late nights at Midtown Reader for use by local book clubs.  These Thursday nights may vary in order to accommodate visiting author events.  In a month where a Thursday is not available, a Sunday night will be provided as additional back-up.  Clubs will be scheduled from 6:00-7:30 p.m.
  2. Clubs may meet at Midtown Reader once a year, on a first-come/first-reserved basis.  Email sally@midtownreader.com to request a date for your club.
  3. We have limited evening hours, and hosting clubs means keeping our staff at work beyond normal business hours. A usage fee of $50 will be charged in order to accommodate increased staff hours to open the store for clubs.
  4. Midtown Reader will provide a 10% discount to club members for the purchase of their books throughout the year.  Clubs should provide 3-4 weeks’ notice of book selection in order for Midtown Reader to stock the selected book.
  5. Food and beverages may be served at Book Club, but should be provided by the hosting club/organization.  Midtown Reader will provide free coffee to a visiting book club on the night on which they meet.