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A Visit from the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance

As an independent business, Midtown Reader is always looking for ways to improve for the sake of our supportive local community, the independent bookselling community as a whole, and ourselves. Because we know that teamwork and collaboration are vital in the growth of our store, we were thrilled to take part in an independent bookstore peer review program offered by our friends at the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance SIBA. On February 12th, we welcomed fellow booksellers and SIBA representatives Linda-Marie Barrett and Jill Hendrix to our store, who offered guidance and education in helping us reach our full potential as your neighborhood bookstore. They were kind enough to set asid

Guest Blog - Roger Johns in Tallahassee

On January 18, 2018, we opened our upstairs space to the public with a reading and conversation with RogerJohns, author of the Wallace Hartman mysteries Dark River Rising and the to-be-released River of Secrets. Our conversation continues with this guest blog post by Roger: This past January 18th was my first time to visit Tallahassee––a bit surprising for a born-and-raised Southerner with a bit of a history as a wayfarer. Just by happenstance you’d think I’d have made it here at least once during my 6.15 decades on this earth. For a couple of reasons, I’m glad I waited. Reason Number One (Without Which, There Would Be No Reason Number Two) After a long period during which independent retail

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