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Celebrate Independent Bookstores on Saturday, April 28!

Join Midtown Reader and over 500 independent bookstores in 48 states for parties, author readings, in-store events, and exclusive merchandise. A couple weeks ago, I was helping the staff at Midtown Reader prepare to celebrate Florida’s Book Award winners and other notable authors at Word of South (see details about those authors and books here). During my time in the bookstore, I met a woman who is moving to Tallahassee from Miami later this year. Her reason for visiting Midtown Reader prior to her official move? She said she knew that the city’s locally owned bookstore would be a hub for stimulating activity and a place to meet fascinating new people. As an independent bookstore, Midtown

Celebrating Authors & Books at Word of South

We are once again excited to participate in Word of South, Tallahassee’s annual festival celebrating literature and music at Cascades Park April 13-15. Word of South is unique because it brings together writers and musicians, providing the local community with a venue to appreciate the relationship between literature and music. As the festival’s founder Mark Mustian said after Word of South’s inaugural event in 2015, “There’s a lot of value to people realizing…that books are fun, music’s fun, and the two of them together could be really fun.” To foster this collaboration and inspire readers of all ages, Midtown Reader will be at Word of South on April 14 and 15 to support the festival and it

A Conversation with Authors Deborah Mantella and Sheryl Parbhoo

On Saturday, March 24th, Midtown Reader hosted a special double author event with two talented Southern writers, Deborah Mantella and Sheryl Parbhoo. Afterwards, we sat down for a conversation about their writing processes, their favorite books, and the novels they recently published. If you missed them in March, don’t worry! Deborah and Sheryl will be visiting again in May for a very special event called TRIO live. You can pick up signed copies of both of their novels at Midtown Reader today. (Content Warning: Both novels deal with the issue of domestic violence. While this interview is not graphic, we did want to make our readers aware that it includes mention of domestic violence.) Can yo

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