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Read. Think. Share. By using this as our motto, Midtown Reader seeks to create a welcoming venue for all members of our diverse community. In fact, we work hard every day to procure and introduce our customers to books that offer a broad spectrum of voices, topics, and genres and encourage open minds, a passion for learning, and civil discourse about issues that are important to you. With these goals in mind, we welcomed local author, Rick Wilson, to Midtown Reader to discuss his new book, Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real about the Worst President Ever. Rick is a seasoned political strategist who writes a regular column for The Daily Beast and is a frequent g

Let Midtown Reader Host Your Book Club

Did you know that Midtown Reader’s event space is available for private parties, receptions, and book clubs? On August 3rd, Midtown Reader was transformed into a haven for incoming high school freshmen who love to read. We were so pleased to host the Maclay Book Club for their discussion on The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton’s classic tale of three brothers’ quest for identity among the conflicting values of their adolescent society. Students quickly abandoned parents and booksellers as they raced upstairs to greet each other joyfully after a long summer apart or waited nervously to meet new classmates, pen and paper in hand. Tucked away among the stacks and settled into comfortable nooks and cranni

Reading Challenges

Summer is coming to an end! Whether you were flying to an exotic vacation spot, lounging on the beach, or escaping the heat indoors, reading is a quintessential part of the summer months. This time offered a chance for you to get your hands on something new. To challenge ourselves this summer, Midtown Reader has embarked on reading challenges! Reading challenges are a stimulating way to help discover a new favorite genre, author, or simply expand upon your previous favorite reads. Social Media Director Hannah Beth read internationally this past year, focusing on books written by authors who were not from the United States. Former manager Kim went an entire year reading only books written b

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