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Ruth Baumann at Midtown Reader

These days, Ruth Baumann is all about Joy, both figuratively and very literally. She’s working on her PhD in Creative Writing at Florida State University and her dissertation will focus on lighter themes than those for which she has been known in the past. And then there’s Joy, her tortoiseshell cat. “She’s just perfect (side note: did she mean purrfect?),” laughs Baumann. “I’ve had her since she was about three days old and we’re very bonded. I’m obsessed.” Baumann’s earlier body of work has been heavily influenced by trauma, primarily because for her, writing has been an outlet and a way to process her life experiences. She says she can only write about what she’s dealing with and growing

Lights, Camera, Books!

Oscar season is officially here, and this year, seven films nominated for awards are based on books. As people scramble to see the nominated films, make their predictions and plan their Oscar-watching parties, we encourage you to pick up one -- or several -- of the books that gave these nominees a story to tell: 1. BlacKkKlansman From IMDB: Ron Stallworth, an African American police officer from Colorado Springs, CO, successfully manages to infiltrate the local Ku Klux Klan branch with the help of a Jewish surrogate who eventually becomes its leader. Based on actual events. Nominated for: Best Picture Best Director Best Supporting Actor Best Adapted Screenplay Best Film Editing Best Original

Pam Houston at Midtown Reader

This Wednesday night, Midtown Reader will host Pam Houston, author of two novels, several collections of short stories and essays, and most recently, her memoir: Deep Creek. Houston’s work has been selected for numerous prestigious awards, and she is a Professor of English at UC Davis. For writers and lovers of writing, she’s kind of a big deal. Houston is also friendly, accessible and down to earth. When she heard I wanted to interview her before her visit, she replied to my email immediately with her cell phone number and an invitation to call her that same day. She said she’s been to Tallahassee before and it’s a town she really likes, plus Sally’s excitement about her visit really sealed

Love in the Pages

Valentine’s Day is almost here, with hearts, roses, pink and red as far as the eye can see, and lots of chocolate. Many of people will probably head to the movies, or maybe just Netflix and chill. But long before love stories spilled across the silver screen, they were already in our lives, brought to live through the magic of the written word. From Shakespeare to Jane Austen, from Gone With The Wind to Me Before You, books have brought love to our lives for thousands of years. And it’s not limited to romantic love; some of the greatest stories ever told are stories about the love between friends, between siblings, between parents and their children. We asked a few of the Midtown Reader team

Teenage Author to Discuss Her Dream, Efforts at Midtown Reader this Saturday

In just a few short years, Paloma Rambana of Tallahassee has accomplished so much it’s hard to remember she’s barely a teenager. At the age of nine, she helped successfully lobby the Florida Legislature for $1.25 million in funding for pre-teens with vision impairments. She’s been named a Health Hero by O Magazine and one of the New York Times’ 10 Kids Changing the World, as well as many other awards and recognition for her work. She’s met the cast of “Hamilton” and received a birthday card from Lin-Manuel Miranda. She’s also a published author; “Paloma's Dream: The True Story of One Girl's Mission to Help Kids, Inspire Activism and Survive Middle School” chronicles her journey through the p

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