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"The Summer I Met Jack" with Michelle Gable

When she was 10 years old, Michelle Gable’s parents have her a book called Someday You’ll Write, the perfect gift for a child who read library books voraciously and was constantly writing short stories and novels. But when it was time for Gable to choose a college major, she chose accounting. “I knew my parents; there would be no starving artist lifestyle support,” she laughed. “I figured I’d write on the side. And unless you knew me really well, you’d never know I was a writer.” But on the night of her 31st birthday, she decided to take the leap. She told her husband she was going to “try to do something with this writing thing.” She found an agent and began writing… and had many, many book

Meet the Illustrator: Dan Hanna

More often than not, the books we read as adults are unillustrated (and what a shame!). But children’s books still incorporate the magic of imagery, and The Pout-Pout Fish series is no different. And picture books have always been important to Dan Hanna, the illustrator of the famous Mr. Fish. “When I look back on my life and the decisions I've made, I've come to realize the picture books I saw as a child have affected me deeply,” he said. “Children's books, I think, are the most powerful books in the world. They plant seeds that play a big part in who you become.” Hanna’s art in the books is instantly recognizable, and he explained that the main character is based on a real fish he encounte

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