Keepers of the Wolves: The Early Years of Wolf Recovery in Wisconsin (Paperback)

Keepers of the Wolves: The Early Years of Wolf Recovery in Wisconsin By Richard P. Thiel Cover Image

Keepers of the Wolves: The Early Years of Wolf Recovery in Wisconsin (Paperback)


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It was 1978, and there had been no resident timber wolves in Wisconsin for twenty years. Still, packs were active in neighboring Minnesota, and there was the occasional rumor from Wisconsin’s northwestern counties of wolf sign or sightings. Had wolves returned on their own to Wisconsin? Richard Thiel, then a college student with a passion for wolves, was determined to find out.
    Thus begins Keepers of the Wolves, Thiel’s tale of his ten years at the center of efforts to track and protect the recovery of wolves in Northern Wisconsin. From his early efforts as a student enthusiast to his departure in 1989 from the post of wolf biologist for the Department of Natural Resources, Thiel conveys the wonder, frustrations, humor, and everyday hard work of field biologists, as well as the politics and public relations pitfalls that so often accompany their profession.
    We share in the excitement as Thiel and his colleagues find wolf tracks in the snow, howl in the forest night and are answered back, learn to safely trap wolves to attach radio collars, and track the packs’ ranges by air from a cramped Piper Cub. We follow the stories of individual wolves and their packs as pups are born and die, wolves are shot by accident and by intent, ravages of canine parvovirus and hard winters take their toll, and young adults move on to new ranges. Believing he had left his beloved wolves behind, Thiel takes a new job as an environmental educator in central Wisconsin, but soon wolves follow. By 1999, there were an estimated 200 timber wolves in 54 packs in Wisconsin.

This is a sequel to Dick Thiel's 1994 book, The Timber Wolf in Wisconsin: The Death and Life of a Majestic Predator. That book traced the wolf's history in Wisconsin, its near extinction, and the initial efforts to reestablish it in our state. Thiel's new book looks at how successful that program has been.
Richard P. Thiel is coordinator of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Sandhill Outdoor Skills Center in Babcock, Wisconsin. He was team chairman for Wisconsin’s wolf recovery plan in the late 1980s. He is the author of The Timber Wolf in Wisconsin, a history of wolf extermination in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Product Details ISBN: 9780299174743
ISBN-10: 0299174743
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press
Publication Date: October 12th, 2001
Pages: 248
Language: English
"Dick Thiel’s exciting story of the return of wild timber wolves to Wisconsin shows the difference one person can make in the conservation of wildlife and wild places, and the enormous difference that can be made when government policymakers support conservation efforts."—Gaylord Nelson, former United States Senator and founder of Earth Day

"Told from the heart by the person who was most involved in the recovery of the wolves."—Diane Boyd, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service