Radiate (Paperback)

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Radiate (Paperback)


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Hayley Matthews is determined to be the best cheerleader she can. She works hard and pushes herself 110% all the time. Then Hayley finds a lump on her leg. The diagnosis is cancer. The prognosis is unclear. She could lose her leg. Or maybe her life.

At first Haley is scared, terrified. In an instant, everything she’s worked for seems out of reach. But Haley is strong. She’s going to fight this disease. She will not let it take her life or her dreams.

MARLEY GIBSON is the author of all of the Ghost Huntress books, and co-wrote The Other Side with Patrick Burns and Dave Schrader. She lives in Savannah, GA, and can be found online at www.marleygibson.com or at her blog, www.booksboysbuzz.com.
Product Details ISBN: 9780547617282
ISBN-10: 0547617283
Publisher: Clarion Books
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2012
Pages: 416
Language: English

"If you are a cancer survivor, please read this book. Smile, cry, and cheer like I did. It will make you feel great to be alive. If you are not a cancer survivor, please read this book and know that everything that Hayley goes through, and her reactions to it all, are genuine. Her story will make you feel great for Hayley to be alive.  Very rarely am I inspired by a work of fiction. Radiate is truly inspirational."--Andrew D. Carlson, author of Sue's Fingerprint and Sue's Vision "Radiate shows readers that the power of positive thinking can change lives!"--New York Times bestselling author Simone Elkles  "Whether she's writing about teen ghost huntresses or a cheerleader battling cancer, Marley Gibson has such a distinctive voice.  I have never read a writer with a voice as characteristic and consistent.  Love it!" - Jennifer Echols, author of GOING TOO FAR and FORGET YOU  "Radiant is a word that aptly describes this new novel by Marley Gibson. Hayley’s startling journey as a teen fighting cancer is intense and astonishing and I found myself caught in the tight grip of hope and determination. A story as extraordinary and as powerful as this one will affect the reader long after the book is finished, especially after knowing the source of the author’s inspiration."--Colleen Houck, New York Times best-selling author of Tiger's Curse. "This book is about a tough and fun and cool cheerleader, who still keeps cheering after her diagnose, and tries to maintain a normal life, the only right [thing] to do in this situation, and I can only cheer, cheer, cheer for Hayley's positive attitude and the positivity that radiates through this amazing book! I loved the way it was written, thumbs up to Marley Gibson! Impressive and highly recommended!!"--Marjoleinbookblog
"Challenges readers to embrace the power of positive thinking in the face of life's obstacles."--School Library Journal