Why Every Christian Should Be A Vegan (Paperback)

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Why Every Christian Should Be A Vegan (Paperback)


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Could it be that so many passages of Scripture that traditions have told us are teaching the ethics of killing animals are actually stating something completely different? This book takes a Scriptural approach to the subject of humanity's treatment of animals, what God desires from us, and what the Bible says about it all. If you have been raised thinking that animals are here to be food or for our entertainment, then by reading this book you will discover many edifying truths.

The contents of the book are:

Chapter 1: What Is Veganism?
Chapter 2: Terms Used
Chapter 3: What Is Meat?
Chapter 4: What Is God's Diet For Humanity?
Chapter 5: What About Noah's Allowance To Eat Flesh?
Chapter 6: How Animal Flesh Gets To Your Plate
Chapter 7: Eggs And Dairy Must Be Humane, Right?
Chapter 8: Factory Farms Are The Problem, Not Family Farms?
Chapter 9: What About Honey?
Chapter 10: God's Original Provision For Israel Was Vegan
Chapter 11: Animal Sacrifice In The Bible
Chapter 12: Animal Sacrifice And Flesh Eating Go Together?
Chapter 13: Is All Animal Flesh A Sacrifice To Idols?
Chapter 14: Compassion Towards Animals In Scripture
Chapter 15: Fish In The Bible
Chapter 16: Do Fish Lives Matter?
Chapter 17: The Feeding Of The Multitudes
Chapter 18: Did Jesus Eat Fish?
Chapter 19: Is There A Parabolic Reason For The Fish?
Chapter 20: Jesus And Fishing
Chapter 21: Did Jesus Eat Lamb On The Passover?
Chapter 22: Jesus And The Swine
Chapter 23: Cain And Abel's Offerings
Chapter 24: Did John The Baptist Eat Bugs?
Chapter 25: Is Veganism Is A Doctrine Of Devils?
Chapter 26: Foods Cannot Defile?
Chapter 27: Eating Meat Or Not, Does Not Matter?
Chapter 28: Jesus And The Moneychangers
Chapter 29: Peter's Vision
Chapter 30: Daniel's Vegan Diet
Chapter 31: All Things Are Pure?
Chapter 32: Vegans Have Weak Faith?
Chapter 33: Paul Says To Eat Flesh?
Chapter 34: Jesus Is The Good Shepherd
Chapter 35: The Lust For Flesh Brought Destruction
Chapter 36: The Bread of Life
Chapter 37: The Nazarite Was Vegan
Chapter 38: Elijah And The Ravens
Chapter 39: God Made Clothing From Animal Skins?
Chapter 40: What About Noah's Animal Sacrifice?
Chapter 41: The Deserted Island Scenario
Chapter 42: What About Hunting?
Chapter 43: But Animals Eat Other Animals
Chapter 44: The World's Apathy Is Contrary To Christ
Chapter 45: Early Christians On Veganism
Chapter 46: Animals Have Immortal Souls
Chapter 47: God's Covenant With Animals
Chapter 48: The Health Consequences Of Eating Flesh And Benefits Of Being Vegan
Chapter 49: The Environmental Benefits Of Being Vegan
Chapter 50: Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein From?
Chapter 51: Where Do Vegans Get B12?
Chapter 52: If Vegans Do Not Like Animal Flesh Then Why Eat "Meat" Substitutes?
Chapter 53: What About Leather, Wool, Silk, And Down?
Chapter 54: What About Lab Grown Flesh?
Chapter 55: What About Animal Population Control?
Chapter 56: What About Insects?
Chapter 57: What About Mice, Rats, And Other "Pests?"
Chapter 58: Is Having Pets Vegan?
Chapter 59: What About Zoos And Aquariums?
Chapter 60: Are Cosmetics Vegan?
Chapter 61: I Should Go Vegan, But I Love The Taste Of "Meat "
Chapter 62: I Want To Go Vegan, But I Am An Athlete
Chapter 63: What About Speciesism?
Chapter 64: Miscellaneous Questions And Answers
Chapter 65: Concluding Words
Chapter 66: Miscellaneous Thoughts On Christian Veganism

Product Details ISBN: 9781087872285
ISBN-10: 1087872286
Publisher: Ryan Hicks
Publication Date: March 7th, 2018
Pages: 440
Language: English