The Opposite of Falling Apart (Hardcover)

The Opposite of Falling Apart By Micah Good Cover Image

The Opposite of Falling Apart (Hardcover)


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To get back up sometimes you have to fall down, hard . . .

What's the point of pretending nothing has changed when everything has? It's the last summer before college, and Jonas Avery knows he should be excited. Instead, he hides out at home, avoiding his friends, his family, and everything that resembles his old life. Because nothing will be normal again—because of The Accident, when everything started falling apart.

Brennan Davis knows she needs to stand up and face her anxiety—the deep, dark, debilitating dread that rules her everyday life. Because what stops her from going out into the world and just living is going to get a whole lot worse. She’s leaving for college in the fall, where she’ll be confronted with even more to worry about.

When Jonas crashes into Brennan—in a harmless, albeit embarrassing fender bender—the two teens connect in ways they never expected. As friends, they help each other overcome their biggest falls and faults, and soon discover that while love can't fix everything, it's sometimes a place to start.

Sensitive, wry, and unabashedly authentic, The Opposite of Falling Apart isn't about finding perfection in another person or fixing the things we think are broken. Instead, Micah Good has penned an enchantingly honest novel about accepting the very pieces of ourselves that make us unique, whole, and undeniably human.

Micah Good has been writing since middle school. She’s been posting stories on Wattpad since the summer before her freshman year of college. Her work has been featured and has won a Watty Award, and she was invited to participate in Wattpad’s Paid Stories program. She currently lives in the midwestern United States, where she is pursuing a career in nursing. She loves getting lost in a book, which might make her relatable, or at least someone who you now know likes reading.
Product Details ISBN: 9781989365069
ISBN-10: 198936506X
Publisher: Wattpad Books
Publication Date: February 25th, 2020
Pages: 432
Language: English

The Opposite of Falling Apart will keep its readers up late at night . . . At turns anxiety producing, humorous, frustrating, and lovely, the relationship that develops between these strong but vulnerable characters is inspirational and unforgettable.

--Susan Mullen, co-author of We Are Still Tornadoes