A Little More of Me (MP3 CD)

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A Little More of Me (MP3 CD)


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Paulina Rubio, the Mexican singer, songwriter, actress, model, and businesswoman known as the "Queen of Latin Pop" opens her heart to her millions of fans in this soul-baring memoir.

With her infectious pop songs, Paulina Rubino has taken the world of Latin Pop by storm, and her popularity knows no borders. In this no-holds-barred memoir, she chronicles the incredible highs (sold out tours worldwide) and soul-shattering lows (two divorces, both on account of cheating husbands) that have defined her life. For the first time the pop star speaks openly about the events that have shaped her and the challenges she has overcome.

Paulina shares crucial moments in her past, reveals her battles with body image issues, recalls how she made her way to the top in a male-dominated industry, shares the joys and pitfalls of raising her children as a single mother, and divulges how she learned the hard lesson that she could depend only on herself.

Includes 8-pages of color and black-and-white photos.

Product Details ISBN: 9798212039871
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: June 24th, 2025
Language: English