Entwined: Essays on Polyamory and Creating Home (Paperback)

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Entwined: Essays on Polyamory and Creating Home (Paperback)


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In a series of genre-blending essays, Entwined tells the story of Alex Alberto's decade-long polyamorous journey towards a new kind of family.

In these essays, Alex attempts to build two committed relationships at once when no one involved has done it before; develops a powerful bond with the woman their partner loves; sits through a tense Thanksgiving Dinner with religious in-laws; questions the need for rules and hierarchy in their relationships; experiences the intensity of a triad; wrestles with the fragility baked into the nuclear family after their father's stroke; and explores their queerness and gender identity in English, in New York, while struggling to reconcile their newfound self in their native French-Canadian language and culture.

Entwined explores the fuzzy lines between friendship, romance, and family with various essay forms, including a play, an advice column, and a love letter. Rather than wallowing in the throes of jealousy, this collection celebrates the hard work of creating a love life that resists conventional narratives.

"Entwined is a goddamn bible for poly-curious people."

-Chloe Caldwell (she/her), 37, questioning

"For Alex, polyamory is about creating a family. By getting to know them and their reality you gain entry to a world that might otherwise seem intimidating."

-Sofia M. (she/her), 64, mother of a polyamorous person

"Entwined is about the desire to create a life outside of capitalism, heteronormativity, and the patriarchy."

-Samantha Paige Rosen (she/her), 33, queer and monogamous

"Entwined had me captivated from start to finish. It will no doubt influence my approach to romance and family."

-Rio C. (she/her), 21, queer, trans, and curious about polyamory

"The variety in content and structure makes it a quick read. Entwined deepened my understanding of polyamory's possibilities; it's not all swinging and sex parties."

-Melissa Gopp-Warner (she/her), 43, queer/questioning and monogamous

"I laughed, cried, and felt my heart fill the fuck up."

- Dan D. (they), 36, queer and newly navigating non-monogamy within a lifelong partnership

Product Details ISBN: 9798989669103
Publisher: Quilted Press
Publication Date: February 19th, 2024
Pages: 280
Language: English