Consignment at Midtown Reader


Thank you for your interest in Midtown Reader!

Our goal is to offer customers a carefully curated selection of books and related products that appeal to the reading lifestyle here in Tallahassee. As such, we are eager to work with local vendors and authors on a consignment basis. At Midtown Reader, a consignment relationship is collaborative and involves both the creator and our staff working together to meet our mutually agreed upon sales goals.

If you think our store and your product would be a good fit, please review this document and contact us with the requested information,

and we’ll be in touch with how you can partner with Midtown Reader!


Step 1 — Let us know about your work!

     Please provide us with the following:  

· Your contact information

· Marketing copy or description of your item(s)

· Your website address

· Jpeg image of each item

· Publisher / Manufacturer

· Price - retail and wholesale

· Distribution details - where to order and terms of sale (discount, shipping charges, etc.)

· Local / national marketing plans

· Other retailers carrying your product

· A brief description of your ideas for marketing your product

Please send all of this information to


Step 2 — We’ll be in touch

     After we have had a chance to review your work, we’ll be in touch to let you know if we believe we would be a successful outlet for your      work. At that time, we may wish to schedule an appointment to discuss ideas and obtain inventory.


Step 3 – Become a Supporting Member

     All authors wishing to have new titles entered into inventory on consignment after March 1, 2018 will be required to purchase a                     supporting membership at Midtown Reader. These memberships are vital to the store’s mission to host most literary events with free             admission to the public. The membership costs $25 per year and comes with a free Midtown Reader t-shirt or tote and a 20%-off                   coupon for an item of your choice.


Step 4 — We’ll track sales and submit payments 


      Discounts​: A standard minimum discount of 40% is required on books. For example, if the retail price of a book is $10, the bookstore            would pay $6 for the item. For non-book merchandise, we’ll discuss establishing a retail price and determining a wholesale cost. ·


     Trial period​: The bookstore will initially carry the item for three months. The sales volume will determine whether the item remains in             inventory after the trial period. ·

     Restocking: ​We’ll monitor sales and reorder as necessary. ·

     Returns​: If we feel we have excess inventory or if sales decline, we’ll be in touch to ask you to stop by to pick up your items (or pay for          return shipping). If the items have not been picked up within 30 days, the items become the property of the bookstore. ·

     Payments​: The bookstore will mail you payment quarterly for items sold. Checks will be processed by the 15th of the month following          the end of the quarter (April, July, October & January).