Event Recap: Doug Alderson with NOSTALGIC FLORIDA by Jessica Harris

If you missed it, Midtown Reader hosted Doug Alderson on September 14th! He read from his new book, Nostalgic Florida, but of course, he couldn't just read from this book. No, no, no. Doug Alderson had a slideshow presentation and brought his own collectibles from home!

When the event started, Doug first went through his slideshow - which had pictures from his book. If you were to just look at the pictures, you’d think they were just old photos of Florida but they were all postcards. The coolest part is that Doug could tell what year they were from just from the layout of the postcard! As he was going through his presentation, he also cracked jokes about the postcards and reminisced on stories from his own life in some of those places. 

The event didn’t end after the slideshow. Nope! Doug Alderson went on to read excerpts from his book. He held his audience’s attention the entire time. The stories are truly captivating and you could just tell the audience didn’t want it to end. Of course, there were more jokes and stories from his own experiences, which led to more laughs, smiles, and sheer awe from everyone there. 

If you thought that was the end, wrong again! After the book reading, Doug brought out his own collection of Florida artifacts and showed them off. He brought pennant flags, a nutcracker, a snow globe, and a purse. Now you might be asking yourself, how does this all correlate to Florida? Well, the flags were from different cities in Florida and he even had one for Tallahassee. Now you might think this flag has the Capitol Building on it, but funnily enough, it has flamingos on it! With each item he showed off, he had a story that went along with it.

After all those showstoppers, there was even a Q&A and book signing! Doug took his time answering questions and even more time signing books and talking with his book lovers. Everyone had a great time!

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About the author:

Jessica Harris is a senior at Florida State University majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media. She is originally from Miami, Florida, and loves spending time at the beach, reading a book, or watching tv. She mostly reads romance novels with the occasional thriller or autobiography. Her goal for this year is to read as many books as possible.