Event Recap: Emiko Jean with TOKYO EVER AFTER by Jessica Harris

On October 13, Midtown Reader had the amazing opportunity to virtually host New York Times best-selling author Emiko Jean for a discussion on her book Tokyo Dreaming. Emiko was in conversation with Jessica and Caylee, our wonderful events team, and it was filled with laughter and advice for new authors. Emiko answered every question with passion and had the audience holding on to her every word. 

Emiko began the event with a reading from Tokyo Dreaming and proceeded to answer questions. When asked about her writing process, she shared that when writing specific scenes or about specific characters, she listens to one song on repeat until that section is done. We shared laughs and Emiko reminiscent some more on her writing process for both Tokyo Dreaming and Tokyo Ever After

As the conversation continued, Emiko shared the events leading up to her becoming an author. Before becoming an author, Emiko began her career as an entomologist. She realized this wasn’t her passion, and went on to teaching. Emiko recounted to us how she would compose emails to herself and they would be chapters of a book. This was the moment she realized she wanted to be an author. Although she is no longer an entomologist, she still enjoys studying bugs with her two children and husband during her free time. 

After such a wonderful discussion about her books and life, she shared riveting advice to those interested in becoming an author. We held on to every word that she said, because it is relevant to everyone - not just authors!

A YouTube video of Emiko’s appearance can be found here. Check out Midtown Reader for more amazing events to come!


About the Author:

Jessica Harris is a senior at Florida State University majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media. She is originally from Miami, Florida, and loves spending time at the beach, reading a book, or watching tv. She mostly reads romance novels with the occasional thriller or autobiography. Her goal for this year is to read as many books as possible.