Stop by and get your copies of A Taste of Eternity and Macadam Dreams signed by author Gisèle Pineau signed!

About Gisele:

Gisèle Pineau is a Guadeloupean author who has had a prolific writing career. She has written dozens of books for children, adults, and young adults. She has written across multiple genres, including short stories, detective novels, fiction, and non-fiction texts. She was born in Paris, but during her childhood, she migrated to the French overseas department of Guadeloupe, where her family originates. Pineau’s characters often follow her own life, torn between multiple places, multiple languages, and multiple identities, they must work to understand who they are and how to exist in certain spaces. Her work explores questions of exile, Caribbean and French identity, transgenerational memory, and women's experiences. Over her career, Gisèle Pineau has amassed over eleven literary prizes for her innovative work. Alongside her prolific career as a writer, Pineau has also worked simultaneously as a psychiatric nurse and she recounts some of her experiences in this line of work in Folie, aller-simple : Journée ordinaire d’une infirmière (2010).

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Saturday, March 4, 2023 - 3:30pm
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