Mat Wenzel

Mat Wenzel is a poetry PhD student at FSU, specializing in poetry and queer theory. He's worked as a head waiter, package handler, library page, account analyst, barista, and teacher. Mat loves to read books of poetry, young adult novels, graphic novels, literary non-fiction, and has a thing for notebooks and stationary.

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

August's story is told in parts from the perspective of those around him, as well as his own- which makes the story not just a child's but a story also of friends and family of different ages. This is a GREAT book for the whole family.

Odes by Sharon Olds

Sharon Olds writes odes to everyday things; flip through the titles, read a few, and you'll see what I mean. Her attention to detail to the things that matter, why they matter, and how funny it is that they matter is anything but ordinary. 

WARNING: If you read this book, you'll just want more poetry and more Olds!

Rain: A Natural and Cultural History by Cynthia Barnett

To make the unnoticed into the unmistakably beautiful is the work of the poet. But Barnett does this through enthralling storytelling. It doesn't matter if you care for rain or not, this is a book for lovers of story and connection. 

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