Midtown Reader
School Book Fair

The curated lists of books in this Book Fair have been selected by real people — Inkwood Booksellers, and Local Teachers and Educators.

In addition to these books, you can also add anything from our online shop to your book fair and earn credit for your school! To order, click through the different categories, add books to your cart, and use your school-specific code HOLYCOMFORTERFAIR in the COUPON section at checkout. 

For books in a series, click the book listed (usually the first in the series) to see and choose other available titles in the series.


We will be delivering these books to the school, so parents can select "In Store Pickup" to avoid shipping charges on these books. If you'd like to include a personalized bookplate (i.e. "To Mrs Jones, from the Smith Family"), leave a message in the comments section, and we'll personalize them for you!"

You can add a donation to your school for any amount here! They'll be able to use it to buy additional books, school supplies, and more!

Board/Baby Books (Ages 0-2)