New Year, New Store!

Happy New Year, Midtown Readers! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season filled with lots of reading, thinking, and sharing. To begin the new year, we want to thank you again for shopping local with our little neighborhood book store. Your continued support for our mission makes us even more passionate about providing you with a diverse and enjoyable shopping experience. Because we want that experience to be even more special for you, we decided to kick-off the new year with a little makeover.

So, beginning in late December, Midtown Reader took on the task of renovating part of our original store space and expanding into the upstairs area above. While we were sad to close our doors for a week, every day was filled with hard work from our Midtown Reader team and construction crew, as well as the promise of a new and improved Midtown Reader.

To begin, we made some changes to our original space. We’ve moved a few of our bookcases to make room for a new couch and ottoman right in the middle of our store. It’s the perfect place to sit down with one of our Tuesday new releases or skim through some staff picks before heading back to the register, where you’ll find the beginning of our newly constructed staircase. Follow its black railings up and around the corner to check out our brand-new loft area.

Exit the staircase and turn left to find our upstairs register nook, where one of our Midtown Reader book connoisseurs will be happy to show you around, help you find a new read, or ring up your selections. Pass our register to find our expanded sections on music, art, photography, and brand-new theatre books, as well as our cozy sitting area, where you’ll find another new couch and chair equipped with pillows and footstools for your lounging pleasure. Take advantage of it for reading, working, or just relaxing on a lazy day of perusing the rest of the store. The walls surrounding the couches are lined with our gift inventory-- everything from greeting cards to classic novel-inspired apparel make the perfect presents for the book lovers in your life.

Exit the staircase on the right, however, and you’ll encounter even more book selections to choose from in our design, gardening, and food & wine sections. Our sections for business and sports can be found just before you near our pièce de résistance in the far corner, landmarked by a bright blue wall and showcased by the natural light from our windows. Pass a clique of tables and chairs to reach the counter of our in-store Lucy & Leo’s Cupcakery, providing you fresh coffee and gourmet cupcakes on a daily basis. Sit down with a Champagne Raspberry cupcake (or a vegan Cookies & Cream) and a hot cup of Lucky Goat coffee while admiring the paintings hung before you on the wall. Or, if you’re just popping in to take a peek at our new digs, get a variety box of cupcakes to-go with their daily walk-in special of Buy 5 Get 1 Free.

Before you head back downstairs, take a second to look through some cookbook options on the table by the bannister, and search through some of our activity books on the shelf just next to the elevator door. Take a moment to look up before you descend to see the Lucy & Leo’s Blue chandelier accenting the entire loft area.

Now that all of the dust has been swept up and our shelves have been put back in order, Midtown Reader is ecstatic to welcome our neighbors, friends, and newcomers into a fresh space that is jam packed with books and positive energy. We hope our new look makes you feel just as at home as we do, and we hope to see you for some of our exciting upcoming events being held in our new space!

Remember to stop by Midtown Reader this Saturday, January 27th to celebrate the homecoming of Lucy & Leo’s to their original location on Thomasville Road. The day will be filled with drinks and refreshments, raffles with special prizes, and a celebratory story hour & craft time for kids of all ages at 11:00 AM. We’ll also feature a photo booth for visitors to take their pictures with a cupcake character, so come dressed in your best ‘homecoming’ outfit!

We look forward to sharing our new space with you, and to more reading, thinking, and sharing!