"God" by Zane Boyle, Story Slam Winner

This piece of writing was one of the winners of our September Story Slam. The theme of the event was "Wisdom."

God is wise and powerful. If he was only one or the other, then I would imagine there would be a second God. One God with absolute knowledge and one with absolute power. It’s very difficult for me to imagine someone wielding both successfully, but I suppose that defying that limitation is exactly what makes God God. I believe all of this because I am God. Or rather, I became God just this morning. It sounds absurd, but I promise you that there is proof of my power. At 10:03 A.M on June 19th, I erased all the current politicians and world leaders and replaced them with ideal world representatives. At 10:04 A.M., I made every single human immortal. At 10:05 A.M., I cleansed the world of pollution. At 10:06 A.M., I tried to make everyone forget the old rules of life and embrace the new order, but I discovered that they still remembered. I could not tamper with their intelligence and as I would discover the next day, I could not tamper with my own.

Boats, diving equipment, submarines, factories, plastic, paint, oil, everything that once polluted our world had vanished, leaving their occupants behind. People fell from planes and made craters on the Earth. It doesn’t weigh too heavy on my conscience however. Everyone’s immortal, so I know they’re still alive. Underwater and in a million pieces, but alive nonetheless. When I thought of how they may be feeling, I eliminated the feeling of pain.

I hear everyone all at once. Their screaming prayers penetrate my ears and keep me awake all through the night. I closed their mouths permanently and finally get my first decent sleep since yesterday morning. The world was rioting. No one could speak or feel pain, but no one could die. They were all out in the streets, fighting and mutilating each other, trying to find some solace in their situation. I became scared. I created a door to a different place and escaped from all this. I know I should have tried to undo what I did, but try to understand my position. I was terrified. Even if I did reverse everything, they would all still remember and I would still be God and God doesn’t go back on his decisions. I needed to leave.

I was in a dark place. Literally. There was nothing here, but nothing. Until I made something that is. A bed, then a television, then a house. I created a sun and I placed my house on the Earth which I also created. I made other houses too. Eventually, I filled those houses with people. However, this is when I learned another lesson. Because my powers could not extend to the minds of people, everyone that I created began panicking. They didn’t even know how to speak proper English. Mass riots began to break out and out of impulse, I took away their arms and legs and escaped once more into nothingness to begin again.

Whoever or whatever was God before me clearly was more intelligent than I. I was sure to create people this time before slowly adding houses and tablets containing the English dictionary. But wisdom comes with experience and I know eventually, I’ll get it right.

Zane Boyle is 19 years old and was born and raised in Port St Lucie, Florida where his two parents, Sean and Jacqueline currently reside. He enjoys all forms of entertainment and especially enjoys stories saturated in imagination. As of now, Zane is studying Creative Writing at Florida State University and intends to declare Medieval Studies as his minor.