Megan's Book Club Picks - Spring 2022

Hi all!

I’m excited to be hosting one of Midtown Reader’s book clubs this spring, and even more excited to share my goal of reading more works by diverse women authors! I’ve always loved the way that fiction, and novels especially, can help me understand deeply someone who has a completely different life experience from my own (I mean, I was completely immersed in Harry Potter, and am I a wizard? No. Definitely not).

This year my goal is to experience the world from diverse perspectives by reading novels written by women of color and indigenous women.

You might worry that reading books like this will feel difficult, or too much like “learning”.

Don’t worry.

The books I’ve picked are also some of the most enjoyable works I’ve read in a while!

We Are Not Like Them

By Christine Pride and Jo Piazza

This book follows the story of best friends forever Riley and Jen as both of their lives are thrown into, well, basically chaos. Riley has just moved home to Philadelphia for a newscaster job (but she’s hoping for a promotion to anchor) and Jen is pregnant with her first baby. These two friends are already trying to figure out how to keep their friendship strong through all these changes when an unexpected tragedy occurs. Jen’s husband (a white police officer) is involved in a police shooting of an unarmed Black teenager. Riley, (a black newscaster) is assigned to report on the case for her T.V. station.

I could barely put this book down as it flips back and forth between Riley and Jen’s points of view. There were times where it felt like I was reading a romance novel (“Just TALK to each other already! We know you love each other!”) and times where I felt like I had been punched in the gut.

I got to talk with the authors of this book back in November for one of our virtual events, and I can’t wait to talk about it with you too!

Velvet Was The Night

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Full Disclosure: I have not read this book yet. But you’ll find Moreno-Garcia’s novel Mexican Gothic on my staff picks shelf right now. And I loved that book so much that I cannot wait to start this one!

You can click here for the synopsis, or just trust me and start reading and be surprised.

What I love about Moreno-Garcia is her ability to tell a completely unique story that fits perfectly into the format of a classic tale (Mexican Gothic was, of course, a gothic novel, but this one is a Noir Mystery) and set it in Mexico and bring in themes you might not expect.

No spoilers, but Mexican Gothic gave me nightmares for a week, and I can’t wait to see what chills are in store here!

The Sentence

By Louise Erdrich

This whole novel was just completely unexpected. I knew it was a story about a haunted bookstore, so I was in, but I definitely did not expect it to start out with our main character committing such a bizarre and horrible crime. And I definitely did not expect to think the whole thing was so funny!

This book is set in 2019-2020 in Minneapolis (in Erdrich’s own bookstore! She’s a supporting character!) and so it touches on the experiences of Covid-19 and the BLM protests through the eyes of these fictional booksellers. There were parts where it seemed to move a little slow (but, let’s be honest, there were parts when 2020 seemed to move way too slow too) but I loved each and every one of these weird and flawed characters, and I’m pretty sure you will too.

So I know your next question is “Megan, how can I join this book club?”

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