The Magic of Reading: A New Mural Graces the Side of Midtown Reader

Every reader has, at some point, pulled the blanket over their head to shut out the world and become fully engrossed in a good book. Naomi Haverland has brought this secret sense of childhood wonder to the larger-than-life canvas of our local bookstore!

Haverland said she wanted to illustrate “that magical cozy feeling you can get from reading a good book.” We definitely think she succeeded!

She started the process last weekend and worked 8 hours a day to finish the mural within a week. The first step was creating the artwork that would later be projected and transferred onto the wall, so she called upon her dog, Wednesday, and her cousin’s 10-year-old son to help her create the scene.

Then she used a projector to help her transfer the image to the enormous canvas, and over the course of the past week has been adding more and more detail, finally finishing with the title of the book: Superhero Training!

You can see more of her work online at, and see her other Tallahassee mural at the Freight Yards.